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Monday, April 21, 2014

Bye Snark, Hello Son of Snark

My Snark guitar tuner broke. While Snark made affordable clip-on tuners with excellent color displays, its neck design makes it so fragile that some guitarists put them in special containers for protection. In my case, the claw holding the ball joint snapped while I was adjusting the angle. I was able to glue it back, but I doubt it will hold. I can imagine it breaking again and I can no longer locate the missing part. It is time to find a replacement.

Snark SN-1

Wednesday, April 9, 2014

My Search for My Son’s Acoustic Guitar

Kids cannot be forced to learn musical instruments. That is why I waited years for my son to ask that he be given lessons in guitars. That day finally arrived. Watching me jam with his cousins encouraged him to study guitars, finally. I made him try my dreadnought, but it was too big for him. My telecaster is thinner and has a small neck width, but he complains that it is heavy. He knows what he wants – a small-body acoustic guitar of his own. Thus, my search for an acoustic guitar appropriate for a small, ten year old kid began.