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Tom's Guitars Manila
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Saturday, January 11, 2014

Music Stores in the Philippines

I see occasional questions on where to find specific brands in the Philippines. Here is a short list of guitar stores, along with their supported brands, as of this writing.

Tom's Guitars Manila
Vintage and other rare guitars including Gibson and Fender
Yamaha, Fender, Squier, Line 6, Roland, Washburn
Jackson, Gretsch, Charvel
Ibanez, Peavey, Vox, Korg
Cort, Epiphone, Fernandes, Greg Bennet
Tokai, ESP/LTD, Dan Electro, Blackstar, Tube Amp Doctor (tubes)

RJ Guitar Center


The Music Source

Stagg, Fender, Squier


Epiphone, Gibson, Kramer

Guitar Pusher
Epiphone, Phoebus, Maestro, Gibson

Epiphone, Dean

Gluttone Premium Tones
Mogami instrument cables, guitar speakers and pickups

Rocket Lab 
G&L Guitars, Albion Amplifiers, BBE Sound

Ombeng Moknat Guitars
D&D, Squier, Dean

PhilGuitar Market
USA guitars by order

Moncseb Guitars
Fender, Ibanez

Clifton Guitars
Amari, Enya, Phoebus

Miles Guitars
Guitar bodies and parts

Spud Music Manila
Vacuum tubes

Guitar, amp, and stompbox parts


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