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Tom's Guitars Manila
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Saturday, January 4, 2014

About this site

I used to have a college band in the mid 80s. There was no Internet in the Philippines to influence me back then and I thought that all guitars were created equal. Our college music room had a Fender bass, a Hofner guitar and a Greco SG. We were using tube amps with big cabinets, but I was not aware of the solid state versus tube amp arguments before. My guitar life was quite simple.
Fast forward to the Internet age and welcome to Philmusic and other guitar forums. I now realize that my guitars were crap and I have to upgrade. I saved some cash, bought a guitar and some gears, which I would later sell for better gears. By this time, I have an office band, the kind that only gets to gig during office events. I am technically a bedroom guitarist armed with gears that are several times more expensive than my old gears. However, I do not regret it. Musical instruments retain their value through the years, compared to electronic gadgets that lose their value in months. Someday, my son might thank me for these gears.
I met Tom (Tom's Guitars Manila) at Philmusic and it was through his guitar collection that I learned firsthand the differences between the different guitar models. Most of the images in this blog are from his collection and are used with permission.
Through this blog, I hope to share what I have learned, in the hope that someone may find the information useful.


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