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Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Drum Thrones Are For Guitarists Too

A few years back, my former boss and office band drummer sold me a drum throne. He offered it very cheap so I bought it even though I have no immediate use for it. Several years later, it remains as my favourite all-around seat.

The drum throne initially went inside our bedroom. It was used as a bedside seat whenever I want to use the laptop on the bed. We have a large and comfortable computer chair, but it was too bulky to move around the bedroom so the drum throne was the first choice if we want to sit at odd places inside the room. Its adjustable height is also a bonus.
I then realized that I could use it when playing the guitar. While it is comfortable to play the guitar on a sofa, my guitar cable gets bent near the plug because it touches the seat. This can result in broken wires. Single seat sofas are also cramped for guitar use.
I previously preferred using dining chairs because this allows my cable to move freely and lets me move without my guitar hitting the armrest. However, it is cumbersome to carry. Using a drum throne gives me a comfortable seat that is almost invisible when playing the guitar. It also serves as my seat when playing the keyboards.
If you are looking for a seat for playing guitars, look for used guitar thrones. They are comfortable, height-adjustable, foldable, easy to store and carry, and does not get in the way of your guitar and cable.


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